Reduce your candidate dropout rate with  interactive candidate assessments to test infinite skills and competencies within seconds.

Personalize your hiring experience in just 3 clicks!

Screen your talent pool on 1000+ skills, behavioral & situational responses, work experience and culture fit.

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candidate retention rates

Don't just hire candidates; we help craft a strong  candidate retention strategy. By pinpointing the best fit for your team, Fasthr boosts your retention rate and fosters a talent pool that's here to stay.

time interviewing

Fasthr helps evaluate
several skills, traits and core competencies all in a single short screening test.

Higher completion rates

Fasthr’s AI generates interactive tests which accurately evaluate candidates proficiency and competency on desired parameters.

Higher interview-to-hire

Reduce  candidate backouts
Fasthr's engaging assessment AI Interviewer Bot

Simplify talent screening and
Discover Top 1% with GPT-4

A comprehensive AI powered  recruitment  system for filtering your candidate pipeline and
identifying talent that perfectly matches your requirements.

Gamified Reports

Make faster
hiring decisions

Our real time candidate interview-scorecards give recruiters a holistic evaluation of a candidate’s competence so your hiring team can make accurate and data-driven decisions quickly.

Simplify Talent Screening

Reduce Candidate Dropouts

Say goodbye to long, tedious processes and excessive interviews that drive candidates away. Our intelligent AI-interviewer bot that makes talent screening a cakewalk.

Game changing features to make
your hiring process easy!

Fasthr’s GPT-4 Screening platform allows recruiters to craft customized tests loved by candidates.

Super fast Screening with GPT-4

Build personalized tests in under within seconds with the power of GPT-4 to identify 
perfect matches.

Detailed Customization
for every position

Discover the perfect candidate with tailored screening process that measure skills and on-job capabilities .

Gamified and interactive
screening with Fasthr AI Bot

Reduce candidate backout drastically with Fasthr’s fun, intelligent and engaging AI Interviewer Bot.

Quick  and comprehensive evaluation

Evaluate candidates accurately with AI powered detailed candidate interview scorecards to hire only from the top 1%.

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Kamal Deo Prasad
CPo, Recro
We were able to see improvement in attempt rate for developers as compared to other platforms for screening rounds specially for senior developers.

Senior developers avoid platforms which are famous for machine coding round for screening, where as Fasthr helped us to get them complete screening round and we were able to screen more junior and senior developers.
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Piyush Makhija
co-founder & Cto,
We used to receive candidates from multiple sources, but the screening process was sub par. Basic MCQs did not help us effectively screen candidates. With Fasthr, we got direct insights into candidate’s strengths and weaknesses at screening stage itself.

The quality of candidates we put through interview process has increased significantly. Technical discussions with these candidates has been in depth.
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Kiran Kumar
Talent consultant, simpl
The product has worked for us and we closed our MIS Analyst position with Fasthr. We made 1 hire from 9 candidates screened on the system.

It has saved us a lot of time and we want to definitely continue using it.
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Dilipraj Mohanasundaram
HR Manager, Datazoic
With the help of Fasthr we were able to minimize our efforts on our recent campus drive by selecting and creating screening questions specific to job roles. Here we were only highlighting the skills, experience and difficulty level and AI was helping up with needful questions and adjusted the time for test based on the difficulty level and volume of questions. So, it took away lots of manual intervention and saved us significant time on our campus hiring. 

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