Meet the modern Hackerrank alternative

While both Fasthr and Hackerrank are stellar talent screening tools, how do you know which one’s the right fit for your hiring needs?

We’ve created a detailed comparison between Fasthr and Hackerrank so you can make the right decision!

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Fasthr vs Hackerrank at a glance

Why is Fasthr the best
Hackerrank Alternative

Powered by GPT 4

Tired of manually filtering candidates from your talent pool?

Fasthr is the first ever candidate assessment tool that leverages the power of GPT 4 to streamline talent screening and bring you only the best candidates from your pipeline.

Assess Multiple Roles
across different industries

While Hackerrank is limited to tech hiring, Fasthr allows recruiters to hire across different industries by curating assessments for 100+ niche and diverse roles.

Say Goodbye to
Generic Assessments

Hackerrank has a vast and comprehensive skill library filled with test templates to find the perfect tech hire. But why not tailor the assessment to each candidate’s skill sets?

Fasthr uses AI togenerate unique questions to test on job capabilities within seconds

Better Candidate Experience

Instead of manually sending invites and administering assessments, recruiters can reduce candidate backout drastically with Fasthr’s intelligent and engaging AI-Bot, thereby improving candidate experience by 70%

Hear what our users have to say

Rachit Jindal
Sr product designer
"I loved how stress-free and easy
the Fasthr interview was. Plus, the questions really showcase my skills in a quick and efficient interview. Thank you! 👏“
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Himanshu Thakkar
front end developer
"I was impressed by the thought-provoking questions generated in the Fasthr interview. A great way to evaluate multiple skills! 👍"
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Jay Ghosh
HR manager
“It's efficient, accurate, and provides an unparalleled level of insight into candidate skills and abilities. I've already recommended it to all my HR colleagues - it's simply the best in the game.”
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Ashish Khanna
"I can't believe how much time and effort we saved with Fasthr,it is so intuitive and user-friendly,  5x faster than traditional hiring processes.😲 It's definitely worth the investment!💸"
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